Buying & Selling Tips

Buying Tips

Selling Tips

Being Pre-qualified

Since buying a home is a huge investment, make sure you have good credit history before beginning the process. Obtain a copy of your credit report, and fix any problems beforehand. Online calculators help determine what is in a good price range based on the buyer's income, expenses and debt. Also, calculate what the total costs involved will be before ever making the purchase. This should include any repairs one will have to make on the house.

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How to Begin

Barbara Anson says, “The Myakka area is breathtaking and being part of its inherent beauty is very special.”

We have a wonderful diversity of environments from which to choose so take some time to tour the area. There are dirt roads, wooded areas, farmland and groves to explore. Think about how you plan on spending your time here. What activities do you prefer? How much land would you like?

Think what type of home you prefer: rustic, new, quaint, in need of work or not. Your experiences and choices may evolve and change with time. Keep open communication with your selected broker.

Choose the right broker: Is your broker asking lots of questions and listening to what you are looking for? Is he/she giving you good information about building, septics, wells, roads, laws and neighborhoods? Are you seeing “everything” currently available that fits your desires or just what the broker has listed? Do you feel your broker is highly professional? Does your broker give you balanced feedback on properties you see? Keep your expectations very high in customer service.

First Impressions

One of the most important things a homeowner can do to expedite a home sale is make the exterior and interior of the property look as visually appealing and inviting as possible. A positive first impression sets the tone for a good overall feeling about the home. A good real estate agent should go through a checklist of recommended activities to get the home in tiptop shape.

Curb Appeal

When a potential buyer arrives, he or she experiences a first impression known as "curb appeal”. Outside, clean up debris, trim bushes, mow the lawn (or install sod if needed) and sweep the sidewalks. Pay attention to landscaping. Add new flowers and mulch. Paint the house and trim if needed. At the very least, paint the front door. Nothing goes further than a fresh coat of paint. Do not leave toys lying around.


According to Barbara Anson, “Make it simple on the eye.” For the interior, get rid of the clutter. Think “model home”. Personal items and family photos should be removed from shelves, walls and tables. Get rid of magazines and hide countertop appliances. Clean floors and carpets. Make any necessary repairs. If you paint, select neutral colors. Make it easy for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the home.